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Thursday, 4 March 2010

hints and tips for web users

Hands down the best twitter app so far and you can make money thru clickbank.
and its free

darwins findings digitised

speed up your start up

easy programming
scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your
own interactive stories,animations,games,music and art using a drag an drop

Top 5 Twitter Analysis Tools: That You Must Try! - Gadget Cage

Top 5 Twitter Analysis Tools: That You Must Try! - Gadget Cage

photo-sharing privacy
if you like the idea of sharing photos on sites like flickr,but dont want to run the risk of just anyone seeing them,then check this out

it will keep everything private.

home karaoke

sing along to your favorite tunes,turn your pc into a karaoke

try it for free here

flickr quicker

i found this handy tool,that lets you upload a single photo

by right clicking on it in windows.its called sendto flickr and you can

google maps distance calculator

google maps is great for calculating driving distances

but its not so good at calculating off road routes such

as those taking on a walking trip,run or bike ride

if youve lost your windows vista product key,it can be difficult to find it again and youll be stuck when you need to carry out reinstall.if you find yourself in this predicament,try winguggle-, this handy tool will dig out your product key for you,and also lets you change some of the logos that your manufacturer might have left on your computor